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We discovered that it can sometimes be very difficult to obtain reliable information from older customers.

The Age Explorer is a tool for gathering information on possible optimization of products and packaging. Plus: it is quite a thought-provoking experience to walk in an older customer’s shoes.

More than 17,000 employees of innovative companies in the industrial, retail, service, and elderly care sectors have participated in Age Explorer workshops.

Own research projects since 1985 (i.a. one dissertation project), results of the latest research of international universities, and continuous interdisciplinary insights from the field of ergonomics, gerontology and physiology are building the basis of the Age Explorer system and our consulting services. The system is being enhanced constantly.

Der Age Explorer hilft, Produkte oder Verpackungen an die Bedürfnisse älterer Menschen anzupassen. Foto: Velux

Creativity arising out of a change in perspective: 

  • New perspectives spawn new ideas for improving packaging.
  • The Age Explorer® offers the opportunity to experience for oneself the age-related changes previously mentioned.
  • 95% of participants assess the experience with the Age Explorer as “impulse to rethinking”

There is a wide range of possible applications:

  • Consulting for the development of “polite” consumer products and packaging
  • Training for designers, architects, product developers, sales and service personnel
  • Marketing and communication, strategic consulting for companies serving the 60-plus target group
  • Consulting on psychological considerations in building and interior design for older people

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